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Mobile App Design Services

Mobile App Design Services that
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At ATS we understand that a well mobile application design service can make all the difference in user engagement and satisfaction. Our design team combines user-centric principles with the latest design trends to create mobile app interfaces (UI) that are visually appealing, intuitive to navigate, and optimized for a seamless mobile experience (UX), which is why mobile app design will be at the forefront of your mobile app development project.

Mobile App Design Services for iOS and Android

Android App Design

Mobile app design service prototype

iOS App Design

Our iOS mobile app design complies with the requirements set by Apple to have both UI and UX for your app to thrive and be attractive to your audience.

Understanding of Apple's design guidelines, we craft seamless user experiences that elevate your brand to new heights.

From elegant interfaces to fluid animations, we bring your app to life, ensuring it stands out in the crowded App Store. With our expertise in iOS development trends and technologies, we optimize your app's performance, usability, and overall user satisfaction.

 Our Mobile Application Design Service Process

Mobile App Design step 1


This is where all begins. Through open communication and active listening, we delve into the “Why, What, How, When, and Where” of your app design.

Mobile App Design step 2


By setting up a visual benchmark, we establish a clear direction and reference point for the app design process.

Mobile App Design step 3


We determine the workflow in which we structure the design and goals.

Mobile App Design step 4


Getting closer to the prototyping phase, we establish wireframes that will be the backbone of the final project.

Mobile App Design step 5


Once we deliver you a prototype, we listen to your feedback and first impressions of the app functionality setting the final details of UI and UX design.

Mobile App Design step 6

App Development

Now that your mobile app design is ready to go, we can begin with our app development services to deliver your idea to reality.

Mobile App Design UI/UX

If you want your business to thrive or want to implement a new IT solution to drive a better business result, we focus on ensuring that our UI and UX design services align perfectly with your brand identity and business goals.

Mobile App Design UI

Mobile App Design UI

User Interface (UI) Design is the key to creating an exceptional mobile app experience. It encompasses the visual elements and interactive components that users engage with on your app. To make your app truly stand out, we emphasize the strategic use of your brand’s colors and typography, seamlessly aligned with the specific Operating System your app targets.

Mobile App Design UX

Mobile App Design UX

User Experience (UX) Design embraces every aspect of your app users interactions, ensuring that each touchpoint leaves a lasting impression. Through research and user testing, we identify pain points and optimize workflows to deliver an effortless user journey. From intuitive navigation to intuitive interactions and visually pleasing interfaces, our UX design expertise guarantees a memorable and delightful experience for your app users.

Mobile App Design Services Structure

Mobile App Design Services like never before

If we work together, what could go wrong? Smooth communication will drive your mobile app design project to achieve the best aspect that aligns with your vision and experience you’re looking for.